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Amy Porterfield says this about Colin's method...

"I followed Colin's step-by-step formula and made over $450,000 in selling from stage at one event, and the best part was it felt so good and authentic"


"I ALWAYS go to the best for the coaching and support I need when I speak: Colin Boyd."

"The more I SPEAK, the more money I make. Colin is the real deal. He's had almost a decade of experience in the expert industry and knows how to run a successful online  and offline expert business. He has given me countless prompts, frameworks and story ideas that have paid off so well with my audiences that I am forever grateful."

James Wedmore - Creator of Business By Design 

"$170K in one workshop"

“Thank you Colin! I sold $170K at my first live event after using your steps!
I was planning my first live event with 90 attendees and he helped me get clarity on the agenda and walked me through the process on how to share my offer without being "sales-y" 
Sigrun, lifestyle entrepreneur and creator of SOMBA, the MBA for online entrepreneurs

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