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The Sell From Stage Academy™ is the leading step-by-step formula for experts, coaches and online course creators to speak on any stage in a way that connects with their audience and converts them into clients. 

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Amy Porterfield recently used Colin's 'Sell From Stage Formula' to speak and sell on her stage with these results…

"Using Colin's step-by-step system I generate more than $450,000 dollars from selling onstage at one event, but more so then anything, it felt good. It felt really good and authentic, and it felt like me."

Here’s what Online Expert & Speaker, Anna Powers said about the ease and flow of using the Sell From Stage Formula in her presentations...

“The whole program is so well researched and presented, not random theories but actual real-life examples and strategies. Value galore!

He truly has a heart for service and it comes through in the way he teaches.  If you want to get more confident and effective at speaking and selling on any stage, it's a no-brainer to sign up for this program!”

Here is what James Wedmore has to say about Colin's method...

"The more I SPEAK, the more money I make.  Therefore I ALWAYS go to the best for the coaching and support I need: Colin Boyd.  Colin is the real deal. He's had almost a decade of experience in the expert industry and knows how to run a successful expert business. 

-James Wedmore (Colin's Fan Boy) & Creator of Business By Design

Digital entrepreneur, Justin Brown said this...

"I wanted to 'up'  the presentations we were doing Live and Online. I wanted to know Colin's secret to how he created and delivered a presentation that was not only highly engaging but left people wanting more! And that's was you get in the Sell From Stage Academy. 

Easy structures to follow along and build an engaging presentation that sells"

- Justin Brown, Video Expert 

Coach and therapist, Julie Kristina said this...

As a therapist, I'm not trained in selling, so when it came to 'selling' my courses it felt really uncomfortable. I didn't know how to did it in a way that felt in alignment with who I was.

However, I ran a webinar while I was half way through the program and I felt so much more comfortable and confident. And it led to my highest grossing sales ever"

Julie Kristina, Clinical Therapist, Coach & Course Creator

Professional speaker, Marty Wilson said this..

“I thought if you’re being paid to be up on a stage, you can’t sell while you’re up there.

But after working with Colin, he has the system worked out so well that not only are your clients okay with you selling on stage, they’re actually enthusiastic about it. Because they know that their people will get better value if you sell them programs or further workshops and that sort of thing!”

Marty Wilson, Professional Speaker

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