Have You Hit An Income Plateau In Your Expert Business? 

The breakthrough you want in your income & fulfillment is closer than you think. 

The question is, do you REALLY want it?

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Our Story...

It was a time we will never forget. 


6 years into running our private consultancy business we won a huge training contract with a corporate organisation. 

As a 1.5 person team (Colin was working full-time & Sarah part-time), we won a 5 month full-time contract against major players with teams of 30 people.

Colin also had multiple coaching clients from another corporate contract.


We had finally achieved the success we had hoped for...

We got to travel for work & do work we were passionate about. 

We were paid very well for our time.

The business had a sense of security.


The only problem was this 'success' was not what it appeared. 


Our schedule was relentless. 

We were constantly travelling back & forth between home & a small hotel room with our 9 month old baby. 

Colin would deliver full days of training 3 days a week; the other 2 days Sarah would deliver the full days of training, while Colin serviced the other coaching clients. 

We were getting minimal sleep because our baby was constantly sick from the constant air travel & changes in climate.

We were exhausted. 

Our marriage was under strain. 

We were hating this business we had created. 


But it felt wrong to feel like this... 

Wasn't this what we had worked so hard to get? 

We had a business model that was 'working'. 

It was generating a large amount of income for our business & family. 

Wasn't this the dream? 


One morning, after several relentless weeks of working in our very 'successful' business; we were both slumped on the floor of a tiny hotel room & decided something HAD to change. 



Our business model was time for money.

It had no leverage & therefore no capacity to scale (without personally burning out & or our marriage breaking down). 

We felt like we had to choose between a successful business & the lifestyle we wanted with our young family. 

There had to be a better way... 

Over the next few years we did anything we could to learn the world of online marketing.

We invested a lot of money & learned from the best mentors.


This online business world was something that for many years we did not believe would work in reality - it seemed like a pipe dream. 

We weren't super technical & also enjoyed the impact we were making face-to-face. 

But at this point, we also felt like we didn't have a choice - we HAD to work this out. 





We now have a 'blended' offline & online business model. 

We have multiple online courses that we sell to individuals in our public audience; & sell in scale to our private corporate clients. 

We also do keynote speaking & training, but our income is not completely dependent upon it. 

This past year, we did the biggest year in our business, tripling our income; & relocated our young family from Australia to California (which has been a dream of ours). 

At the same time, we have very minimal travel for work; we finish work at 4pm everyday; & we rarely work on weekends.  

Which Brings Us To You...

Are you also experiencing 'success' & yet hating the very business you were passionate about creating? 

Do you dream of being able to do your work, while also having leverage & lifestyle? 

Do you want to create a sustainable & scalable business model so you can also build a fulfilling life? 


The Business You 



Helping you create an offline & online business model for sustainable & scalable success. 

Who This Mastermind Is For...

Offline Influencers

Coaches, speakers, trainers & creative entrepreneurs, who want to create a leveraged income through online products & memberships.  

Online Influencers

Those who sell digital products or memberships, and want to add live transformational events; sell from stage; & sell their products into corporate organisations. 

Introducing: THE BUSINESS YOU Mastermind 2018

The goal of this this 12-month mastermind and group coaching program is to help you build a more aggressive 'blended business model' that suits your personality and gives you the income, freedom and fulfilment you want.

What's unique about this program is its philosophy. 

Which is to help experts build both the online and offline elements of their business. We have realised it's not about being completely 'online' or completely 'offline'. It's about designing your business for the type of life you want.


Why we are launching 'Business You Mastermind' now?

To be honest, this group program has been something on our hearts for the last 2 years.

I'm so grateful for what the expert industry has done for our lifestyle, income and freedom. 

And when I look back on our journey the times that our business exploded to new levels was when we invested in high-quality programs that provided support, accountability and allowed us to rub shoulders with other influencers.

We want to provide this opportunity for you. To have the environment that will support your next level of success.

The 3 Driving Forces of Business You

This implementation program is build around the 3 core forces for your success.


Breakthrough your limiting beliefs

Your mindset is the foundation of all breakthroughs.  You'll discover the strategies and tools needed to shift your thinking and take your business life to its next level.


Grow your brand and attract more clients.

You'll grow to become an influencer in your market.  You will implement strategies that are proven to increase leads and convert customers. 


Implement the right business model.

You'll implement the right strategy for the type of lifestyle and outcomes you want.  Not every business needs be %100 Online or Offline.  You'll implement the strategy that serves your lifestyle and personality.

Why do experts like you join?

  1. To get out of a 'stall pattern' that has kept you at the same income level for more than 2 years.
  2. To have accountability with your most important commercial projects
  3. To get the support you need to step out in faith and risk more to expand your business
  4. A qualified sounding board to share ideas in a safe environment and make your ideas "market ready".
  5. An awesome time with people that get you (let's be honest, it can be super lonely and we all need to laugh more)
  6. To create consistent monthly revenue and not be "lumpy" or "freaking out" every 3 months.

    Business You is a 12-month program designed to truly transform your business and create a more enriched life.

If any of these statements feel true for you, then the Business You is for you.

WARNING: The only problem we won't solve this year is what to do with all the cash you make!


About Colin

For the last 8 years Colin has worked with high performing business owners and Fortune 500 companies to accelerate their growth and leadership.  

His real genius lies in his ability to commercialize ideas so that clients make money from day one. He's had a unique experience of building a highly successful off-line speaking, training, and coaching company while also crushing the online space and seeing thousands of paying members to come through his courses around the world.

About Sarah

With her Masters in psychology and neuroscience she has a unique ability to combine proven science with strategies that work in the real world.  

Sarah is exceptional at helping her clients create incredible clarity with their strategic focus and move them from stuck to momentum. 

AND..Some guest experts will feature in your journey

Throughout the year we will have a mind-blowing (but seriously) list of experts who will run sessions and offer advice. Here are just a few...

James Wedmore

The Launch Expert

Jasmine Star

The Social Media Expert

Screw the 9-5

The Membership Experts

Some examples of goals for the group

  • Add an online arm to your offline speaking or coaching business  (giving you more time and income freedom)
  • Have a first 5 or even 6 figure launch (make more in one month than you ever have)
  • Launch an influencer podcast (so you can grow your fan base faster)
  • Become an international speaker (so you can expand your influence and command higher fees)
  • Make your online program into a live retreat, fill it (and sell at it)
  • Launch a whole new brand and make it lucrative right from open day

Topics of focus throughout the year:

Clarifying Your Message

Distilling down your message so that it connects with your audience like never before.  Creating a commercial angle that turns heads and opens wallets.

Selling and Creating Online Courses

Building online courses that can leverage your expertise and generate a lucrative income without you being in the room.

Sales Conversion into High-Ticket Programs

How to have a sales conversation to sell high ticket coaching, group training programs. 

Selling From Stage

How to speak to an audience and sell from stage to make 5 to 6 figures in under an hour.

Building Your Team

How to find the right people at the right price and train them up so that your released into your next level of business leadership.

Your Income Model

We will explore the various commercial business models that might best suite your next move and help you to implement it faster.

And so much more...

What's included?

Live Events in California 

Imagine hanging out with like minded influencers in beautiful Newport Beach for 2 whole days (3 times). These events will be a combination of training, masterminding and collaborating. [It will be worth the flight!]

Monthly Group Coaching Calls

Every month you'll have the chance to mastermind and learn with the group on our monthly calls. 

Exclusive Facebook group

This is where a lot of the action will be on a daily basis. In this private FB group you can get feedback on your stuff and help other people in the group to achieve their next level.

Full Access Passes

You'll have to access to work closely with Colin and Sarah (and everyone in the group) when ever you need it! So those freakout moments will feel so much better!

So, Are You Ready For Your Next Level?


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