The Experts Inner Circle is the exclusive implementation program for people who are ready to become the market leader in their niche.


This is what I know about you.

You have a message that you want to bring to the world.

You love delivering and presenting to your clients and training them to the next level.

You’ve seen some success with your business, and it’s going okay.

But you know deep down that you could be making so much more of an impact and making a lot more money if you only knew how.

I totally get it.

It was over four years ago that I built a business to a level that had some success.

I was speaking and coaching people regularly, but I knew it was not scalable.

That’s when I decided to build something different.

Something that I have not seen many people build before.

You see my dilemma was that, I could see speakers and coaches (like myself) who had a bunch of clients and engagements but they were burning out.

That was when I became obsessed about building a leveraged business that had also had enough client interaction to meet my desire to impact peoples lives.

I’ve now made millions of dollars in the expert industry, while also creating a lifestyle where I don’t miss out on the important moments with my kids in my family.

If this type of philosophy resonates with you then keep on reading….

This is for you if you’re an:

  • Experts, speaker or coach who want to generate multi-six and even seven figures through scalable, yet highly interactive business model with your clients
  • Experts who are ready to take action and add additional revenue streams to their already successful coaching or speaking business
  • Experts who feel deeply compelled to bring their message to the world in a big way, without sacrificing their values of time with friends and family

This is not for you if:

  • You are just starting out in the expert industry, (or business in general) with no clients and no clue.
  • You don't want to speak from virtual or live stages to grow your business
  • You want to only be comfortable at the current level, and are NOT committed to getting out of their comfort zone for different results
  • You complain and blame others and the economy for the results instead of taking responsibility
  • Your are not coachable and open to learn

In the Experts Inner Circle you'll get advanced monthly content focused on:

Installing a market leader mindset so you can step up beyond your current limits and breakthrough to a new level of confidence that you know is within you

Webinar mastery so you can get feedback on your presentation and scripts that will result the highest client conversions you’ve ever experienced

Signature talk refinement so you can feel confident in your signature talk which can then be applied to live and online stages

Speaking engagements growth so you can get booked and increase your speaking fee significantly

Ads strategy so you can start generating leads through paid traffic and stop exhausting yourself with organic posting

Lead generation so you can feel your finals and run highly profitable webinars to a full house of people

Leveraged Business model so you can finally build a scalable business model that actually gives you the freedom you want while also generating more profit than ever before

Irresistible offer creation so you can feel confident that every time you make an offer to your audience people buy and even thank you for It

"The program helped me secure a multi-six figure contract with my online program and positioned me as the authority in my field"

- Tracy Dowdy


The Four Forces of Your Successful Expert Business

After building a successful expert business I’ve discovered that you need four forces to be in play for its success. This is what the Expert Inner Circle is built on...

1. Mindset – You’ll install the exact mindset that the most successful experts, coaches and thought leaders possess to get beyond your limiting beliefs and become the leader you know you are.

2. Marketing – You’ll get the latest tools and skills needed to position yourself as the go to authority in your industry and create a flow of leads that generate the clients you want.

3. Model – You will design a scalable expert business that serves your personality and lifestyle. This could be online courses, group coaching or mastermind programs.

4. Mastery – You'll go to a new level in how you deliver your speaking, coaching and training to your clients both 'live in the room' and online.

The Experts Inner Circle is a combination of Masterminding, Coaching and Advanced Content Calls with a focus on you getting results, plus 3 x Virtual Events a Closed Intimate Online Support Community. All the dates and details will be explained if you qualify for the program after completing the application below.

When you join you’ll benefit from insider access to:

2 x advanced coaching and content calls per month with Colin

 A 90-min One-to-One business strategy session with Colin so you can map out the next six months and finally feel clear on your direction

3 x virtual retreats where you will have the chance to mastermind, practice and install the latest marketing and delivery strategies in the expert industry

Expert Guest Sessions so you can look under the hood of highly profitable and successful expert businesses and model best practice.

Intimate Facebook support group so you can get qualified feedback on your offers, content and business giving you the confidence and clarity you’ve been wanting

"The experience helped my shift my mindset to truly own being an entrepreneur and also take my expert business to multi-six figures in under 12 months"

Sara Anna Powers


Here are some reasons why you would join this program (based on results from clients):

Build a highly profitable online course that you can add to your coaching or speaking business

– Start or scale a high-level mastermind or group coaching program that gives you consistent revenue every month

Drastically increase your Keynote fee and turn every speaking engagement into a continual revenue machine

Deliver live events for your current (online) clients and community where you sell your high-level programs and high ticket offers

Convert your current and new clients into more leverage offers such as group coaching and online communities

Develop and run highly profitable webinars and launchers that generate five and even six figures in revenue so you can have an online machine to generate money

3 Virtual Events 

Three times a year we get together for a 2-day transformational virtual event.

These events are a combination of training, mindset coaching, collaboration & hot-seat problem solving for your business. 

Advanced Content and Coaching Calls

Every month you'll have the chance to mastermind and learn with the group on our online monthly calls. This is where your questions and challenges are answered.

Exclusive Facebook group

This is where a lot of the action will be on a daily basis. In this private FB group you can get feedback on your stuff and help other people in the group to achieve their next level.

Your Mentor

You'll be coached and lead by Colin so you can get the support in those freakout moments and turn them into breakthroughs!

"Being part of Colin’s Mastermind was a brilliant business decision."

"The travel from Australia to LA was worth every minute because I was able to achieve my breakthrough - a shift in my mindset about how I can leverage my business income. I went from dreaming about creating my online course to actually completing it and selling it with Colin’s support and guidance. But it was even more than this. My maturity as a business owner has grown and I see so many opportunities ahead of me. I highly recommend joining this Mastermind"

- Vanessa Medling (Leadership Coach)


"The program helped shift my successful speaking business into a more leveraged model giving me the freedom and space to do the work I actually love"

- Dr Neryl East (CSP)


So are you ready?

If you resonate with the results and the focus of this Inner Circle, I invite you to to apply.