Are you ready to become a confident persuasive presenter?



Does this sound like you?

  1. You feel that stomach knot of nerves coming into your presentation and wish you could feel more confident... 
  2. You worry that you’ll forget your words, say the wrong thing or not be seen as credible in front of your audience... 
  3. You really wish you had a simple system for creating your presentations so that the process was less time consuming, confusing and frustrating...


I know exactly what that's like. 

I wasn't always confident when presenting. I know what it's like to literally "shake" in front of an audience while feeling like I was about to faint. 

I know the pain of spending hours in preparation for only a 10 minute speech. 

I know what it’s like to lose sleep because of the nerves that the upcoming speech brings up. 

The truth is that after delivering thousands of presentations over the years I can safely say I’ve experienced every type of emotion and challenge you can imagine when it comes to speaking in public. In other words, you’re not alone in your journey. 


I want to give the short cuts to gaining confidence and influence with you next presentation. 

You’re about to learn the secrets that have worked to take me and thousands of my clients from fear to confidence when presenting. 

So...can say a MASSIVE YES to these questions... 

  • You’d like to feel a deeper sense of confidence when presenting to an audience? 
  • You’d like to know how to sell your products an ideas confidently so they take action? 
  • You’d like to know how to build trust and credibility with your audience faster so that they listen and act on your advice 
  • You’d like to know a simple and easy system for writing any type of presentation in half the time and resulting in double the impact? 

If you’ve answered YES to these questions, then The Influential Presenter Program is the course for you. 

Become a confident an influential presenter so that you sell your ideas and your products more consistently and effectively. 

This Influential Presenter Program is for...

Business Owners

Managers and Executives



Sales People


Just some of Colin's clients...

In the 'Influential Presenter Program' you’ll discover:

  1. How to create a ‘rock solid confident mindset’ when delivering your next presentation
  2. A proven step-by-step framework for designing presentations that are persuasive and professional (This will cut your preparation time in half and double the impact your next presentation has)
  3. How to move from fear to confidence in under 3 seconds...This technique will help you to access the confidence you need to deliver at your best every time
  4. The secret influence strategies that top presenters use to build trust and credibility instantly (these will help you to win your audience over faster than you ever thought possible)
  5. How to use your body powerfully and correctly... So that your movement aligns with your message. 
  6. The “Influencer Speech Template”  - this editable word template will walk you though every word and phrase to use at each point of your presentation so that you know exactly what to say and when (It’s the exact structure and system I use to deliver speeches that my clients pay me big dollars for :)
  7. My #1 strategy, that works every time, to reduce resistance or pushback when sharing new ideas - When you learn this technique your audience will be open and receptive to you like never before
  8. The ‘Perfect PowerPoint Template’ - this downloadable file will instantly allow you to design beautiful presentations - this will make you stand out from everyone else for all the right reasons
  9. You’ll finish the course feeling equipped, clear and confident to be a persuasive, confident an engaging presenter.

Where will you use these new skills?

  • Internal meetings
  • Sales meetings
  • Community meetings 
  • Formal presentations
  • Basically anywhere you need to communicate to a group of people


Introducing the Signature 3-Phase Presentation System

The reason this program works so well is because of my Signature 3 Phase Presentation System.

It is a proven step-by-step pathway for designing and delivering knockout presentations with greater confidence and persuasion.

Below are the 3 phases...

Phase 1: PREPARE

Valued at $797

Below are the three core modules for the 'Prepare' Phase.

Learn the Influential Presenter Framework

In this module you'll learn the 6 levels of persuasive presenting and why they are crucial to becoming a more influential communicator.

Install your Confident Mindset

In this module you'll install the confidence you need to present your ideas to any audience.

Deeply Understand Your Audience

In this module you'll enter the participants minds so that you craft your message for maximum impact.

Phase 2: PACKAGE

Valued at $997

Below are the three core modules for the 'Package' Phase.

Understand the Signature Speech Structure

In this module you'll discover the most powerful structure for delivering a persuasive presentation.

How to Create Powerful Content

In this module you'll learn how to craft content that engages, informs and transforms your audiences thinking.

Design Professional PowerPoint

In this module you'll discover how to design beautiful PowerPoint slides that will impress your audience instantly.

Phase 3: PRESENT

Valued at $997

Below are the three core modules for the 'Present' Phase.

How To Tell Powerful Stories

In this module you'll discover how to tell engaging stories that will guarantee audience engagement and improve influence.

Install Secret Influence Strategies

In this module you'll discover how to use influence strategies that will enable your presentation to triple its influence and impact.

How To Use Your Body Language Effectively

In this module your Discover how to use persuasive body language so that your message and your movements align perfectly.


The Perfect PowerPoint Template [Download] 

Proven and tested template you can use. It includes 35 slides to guide you in creating a powerful presentation.

Valued at $600

The Ultimate Influence Speech Guide [Download]

A detailed guide to show the exact things to say when and where. This is the actual template I use to deliver speeches succesfully all around the world on global stages.

Valued at $500

Your Mentor

Colin Boyd

Colin helps people become more influential.

He is an in demand international keynote speaker and trainer. For Colin, every program is about helping his audience understand how they can be more effective and contribute at a higher level.

His programs are world class, that’s why clients like Coca Cola, Suncorp, Fuji Xero, Hewlett Packard and Allianz continue to use him to help their best people excel even higher.

Colin is a certified Peak Performance Coach , NLP Practitioner, holds a Bachelors Degree of Commerce and Diploma of Executive Coaching.

He is also a family man at heart and is deeply connected to his wife Sarah and two young children Jonah (3) and Georgia (1).


Q1 When do I get access to the program?
- You'll be given access instantly.

Q2 What if I want more people in my business to get access to the program?
- The price is for individual use only. To get access for multiple people you will need to complete the checkout form for each person.  They will then receive individual logins.

Q3 How long will I have access?
- You’ll receive a minimum 3 years access to the program, obviously you'll get lifetime access to the templates as you can download and save them to your computer.

Q4 What if it isn't what I need?
- Within 30 days of purchase, if you use the program, trial the templates and it isn't what you need or hasn't met your expectations I’ll send you a refund.

Q5 How long will the program take to complete?
- The Program is broken into 9 core modules. Allow about 30 minutes for each module including the video training and worksheet completion.

Q6 What if I'm already a confident presenter?
- This program will build on your confidence and make you more persuasive. It will offer a more advanced techniques in communicating ideas influentially.

Q7 What if I’ve never done a presentation before?
- This program will show you the correct structure and strategy to follow right from the start. You won't have to make all the mistakes I have made and many others have made also.

Q8 How will it work as an online ‘presentation skills’ program?
- Presenting is about practice. But it's not about practicing just anything; it’s practicing the ‘right’ things. This program will show you the correct way to structure and present ideas. Then you can take the ideas and practice them yourself, in front of a camera or at work and you'll see the changes instantly. Trial the methods ‘out loud’ in your own room with no audience before ever presenting them in front of people. That's what I do and it works a treat.

Q9. Will I get a Tax receipt after purchase?
- You'll receive a tax receipt straight after purchase

Q10. What if I have a question about the program or special?
- Please email